ALL TOGETHER — Ag Health Laboratories employees, from left to right, Ethan Gilliam, Jan Troncoso, Dr. Fred Muller, Trent Millin and Gus Carreon, worked to install the company sign at its new offices, located at the intersection of Franklin Avenue and South Sixth Street, Monday, Jan. 20.

SUNNYSIDE — Ag Health Laboratories, Inc. staff are settling into their new offices at the corner of Franklin Avenue and South Sixth Street.

“Our office faces Franklin Avenue,” announced Ag Health owner Dr. Fred Muller, DVM of Sunnyside.

“We made it through our first week in our new labs,” lab manager Lynn Wieringen said.

Muller said the new laboratories are more than double the space that the staff worked in at its former facility on Barnard Drive in the Port of Sunnyside Business Park. Ag Health was formerly located at the Bovine Practitioners Association building in the Port Business Park since 2002.

He purchased the former Daily Sun News building at 600 South Sixth St. in 2019, starting demolition in late August. Muller is leasing space to the Sunnyside Sun office.

“My veterinary services, Cattle Strategies” also leases space in the newly remodeled 9,000 square foot space,” he added.

“We chose this building in order to stay in Sunnyside. It was important to us to provide convenient services to our dairy industry-based clientele as well as our other clients,” he said.

“It is the right size and type of building we need for our growing list of services,” he explained.

The staff began moving equipment into its new shiny labs and office space last week. “It’s been a little chaotic, but we’re getting the lab set up and ready for work,” Wieringen remarked.

The company, formed in 2000, specializes in blood testing, mastitis diagnostic and feed analysis, as well as providing water testing, DNA screenings and hop analysis.

Muller and his team expect to hold a grand opening, “… once we’re all settled in.”

“We still have some remodeling to do, including the painting of the exterior of the building. It might be March before we host our open house,” he commented.

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