Tractor Supply Co. to open Sunnyside store

A work crew spruces up the outside of the building that will house the new Tractor Supply Co. store.

SUNNYSIDE — Tractor Supply Co. is opening a new store on Yakima Valley Highway.

According to Grace Stewart, of the company, construction has begun on the retail store in Sunnyside.

Steward said the store at 2600 Yakima Valley Highway is projected to open his fall. It will be a company store, not a franchise operation.

“It’s exciting to get new stores,” Mayor Julia Hart said.

Hart added that the old Eastway Cinema Video in the Eastway Shopping Center is being remodeled to be a specialty clinic for Virginia Mason Hospital. She said Together Church has purchased the second half of the old Ace Hardware in the Eastway Shopping Center.

Tractor Supply will serve as a one-stop shop for the Sunnyside community’s farmers, livestock and pet owners, ranchers, part-time and hobby farmers, gardeners, homeowners, tradesmen and others.

“We’re not just building a store, we’re building a team that understands the needs of the Sunnyside community,” said District Manager Mike Hardesty. “We know ‘Life Out Here’ just like us — with a focus on caring for their home, land, pets and animals.

“With the addition of our new location, we’re able to ensure the Sunnyside community is fully equipped with the products they need.”

The Sunnyside Tractor Supply plans to hire 12-15 employees. They will have first-hand knowledge and expertise in caring for pets, livestock and land.

At the store, customers will be able to shop a wide selection of products at a great value including workwear and boots, tractor and trailer parts, lawn and garden supplies, sprinkler and irrigation parts, power tools, fencing, welding and pump supplies.

The Sunnyside store will also carry a wide variety of food and supplies for pets, equine and livestock, as well as a pet wash station where customers will have access to professional grade wash bays, grooming tables and tools.

Stewart said the Tractor Supply team will also seek to support pet adoption initiatives, area 4-H clubs and FFA chapters, county fairs and livestock shows.

Lakeview Construction wild build the 28,797-square-foot retail space. The store plans include a sales floor, external support service area and pet wash station.

The store opening, which is expected to take place this fall, will kick off with a four-day Grand Opening celebration, during which customers can sign up for Tractor Supply’s loyalty program, Neighbor’s Club. By registering, customers will receive member-only offers, birthday offers, personal purchase summaries and receipt-free returns.

Tractor Supply is the sister company to Del’s Farm Supply, which did not fare well. They were closed, and only two remain in Hawaii.

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