Where does your food come from?

Vince Carlson surveys his “heritage farm”. All the vegetables grown here are produced using all natural and organic methods. Healthy living is the message that the Carlson farm sends out to the community.

A simple question often reflects a simple answer. At least that is how we would all like it to be.

Vince Carlson has asked this very simple question, hoping that someone can answer it easily: Where does your food come from?

A former architect, Carlson moved his family from Woodinville, Washington in 2010 to their Zillah farm. Carlson, his wife Annie, and their two children, Gabe and Aineka, all have worked the farm taking care of the crops and the animals.

“I traded in 80 hour work weeks to spend more time with my family and more healthy living,” Carlson explained.

Not only is there a peaceful tranquility that the family has, the animals and the environment all benefit from it as well. On their 13 acre farm, family, animals, and plants alike all enjoy healthy natural living.

“I would ask people ‘Where does your food come from?’ and they would respond with something like ‘Costco!’ I would just shake my head. This isn’t something that we think about but it is definitely something we should,” he stated.

On the Carlson farm, only all-natural methods are used to raise animals and grow their crops. They raise a variety of pigs, chickens and ducks as well as growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

“You can see the difference in the trees and in the animals. They all live healthy lives here and produce more healthy fruits, vegetables, and meat for us. When I look at farming I look at producing 10 fold. This means producing not only for myself but 10 other people too,” Carlson explained.

Carlson has takes pride in the fact that the meat his pigs produce are not just a high quality, but they are also raised in an environment where everything they eat is produced on the farm.

“I take my pigs to Alvord’s Custom Meats to be butchered. You can tell by looking at it, when they cut the meat, there is a difference between all-natural raised pigs and those that are fed a mixture of things,” he explained.

Their method of bio-dynamic farming includes spraying, just like any other farmer. However, what is used in the spray is what separates the Carlson farm from others. The compost concentrate is made up of only natural ingredients and acts a natural fertilizer.

“The trees absorb whatever is sprayed on them. We spray about three to four times a year with 600 gallons sprayed each time. The trees just perk up after spraying. They love it,” Annie Carlson enthusiastically explained.

If there is one message that the Carlson family wants everyone to hear it’s the message of healthy living.

“Food is medicine. Finding a balance in farming is the same as finding a balance in life. What we eat and how it is grown really makes a difference in our bodies,” he said.

For the Carlson family, small farming is a way of life and not just to pay the bills.

“Being able to bring this to someone else’s table. That’s what keeps me tickin’.”

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