CHECKING THE CHARTER — Former long-time Commander, now Adjutant, Jim Davidson shares the view of the 100-year-old original post charter which can be seen in space the Post shares with the City of Grandview at the Community Building, 812 Wallace Way.

GRANDVIEW — The Fred E. Hayes American Legion Post of Grandview was lauded on Oct. 13, 2019, by the City of Grandview on the post’s 100th birthday, by community proclamation.

The industrious post is an integral player in the thriving community’s civic, patriotic and youth events for decades. The Post and its membership have been movers and influencers over the decades.

Currently, the membership is headquartered in partnership, with the City of Grandview in the new community center. From this shared home base, the Legion holds its meetings, directs the activities of the Boy Scout and soon, the first Girl Scout troop in Grandview. From the depths of the experience and dedication, an impressive level of annual activities is carried out by the productive 81-member post.

The list of national and local activities coordinated or shared in collaboration is six pages long and embody the four pillars of the American Legion: national security, veteran care, community service and development of youth.

The post’s origins are humble, starting in the basement of a home no longer in existence on Grandridge Road home. The post then moved to Birch Street, then sold in the 70’s, according to Post Adjutant, Jim Davidson. The post, named after Grandview World War, I vet, Fred E. Hayes, killed in action, went dormant for a number of years.

In the early 1980s, according to Davidson, the members reconvened at Casa Tequila storefront, then found a shared space with the City of Grandview first in its former Senior Center, then to its new community center at the fairgrounds.

The post’s leadership is stable, which has created a generous legacy in the community.

Community partner, Grandview Parks and Rec Program Manager Gretchen Chronis echoes the same, “We are quite fortunate to get to work with them here at the Grandview Community Center. Happy Birthday to them!”

For more post program specifics, follow the link:

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