59-year-old Andrea Nuckles of Sunnyside is described by her family as five feet, three inches and 160 pounds, white female with blue eyes and grey hair, who enjoys expressing her style by coloring her hair, has been missing since January 27 and family members are asking for the community’s help to find her.

“Andrea disappeared from the 1500 Federal Way apartment complex in Sunnyside. Andrea has a history of mental health issues that can cause significant changes in her personality and cause her to become disoriented. Andrea has been off of her medication since prior to her missing date. Every single day, Andrea is missed by her family, including her mother, her siblings, her uncle, her many nieces and nephews and her cousin. We’re very concerned about her safety and well-being,” in the statement that was read aloud by Laurel Stitzhal of Seattle and first cousin on Friday.

“Without her medications, it’s possible that Andrea may not know who she is, where she is or where she belongs. We really, really want her to come home. Our family is asking now for anyone with any information about Andrea to please come forward.”

Sunnyside Police Department Commander Scott Bailey reported they’re searching for answers about Andrea Nuckles’ disappearance and are actively seeking the community’s assistance in the investigation to locate where she is and determine if she’s alright.

He pointed out how the Police Department values their public partnership in keeping Sunnyside safe.

“Any leads that come in, we’re following up on and we’re continuing to encourage anyone who may know anything to bring some information forward that might help provide some closure to this,” Bailey stated.

Andrea is someone who has a lot of style and often colors her hair black or a very dark color. She also likes to dye it purple or red, said Stitzhal.

“Sometimes people see things that they don’t think is relevant, but it could be,” Sunnyside Police Department Detective Melissa Heeren informed.

Anyone with information about Andrea’s whereabouts is asked to contact Sunnyside Police Department Detective Heeren at 509-836-6200 and reference case number 21s00935.

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email PShelby@SunnysideSun.com

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