SUNNYSIDE — Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph A. Brusic announced on Thursday afternoon, Jan. 14, that due to insufficient evidence, Bradley Paul Santoyo, 26, of Mabton would be released of murder in the first-degree charges.

Santoyo was charged with the alleged murder of Angel Anthony Faz, 27, of Sunnyside which took place on Jan. 7 – the first Sunnyside homicide in 2021. According to police records, Faz was pronounced dead on the scene due to gunshot wounds at approximately 1:49 a.m.

Officer J. Prieto of Sunnyside Police Department wrote in his report that Faz was on the 2300 block of Yakima Valley Highway at his girlfriend’s trailer when he was shot.

Santoyo, was picked up for suspicion of murder on Jan. 8 and was arrested on and transported to Yakima County Department of Corrections on Jan. 9, where he was held on a $1,000,000 bail.

The Yakima County Superior Court found probable cause for murder on Monday, Jan. 11, at Santoyo’s preliminary hearing before Judge Kevin S. Naught.

After reviewing the evidence submitted, Brusic and his colleagues concluded the evidence available presently was insufficient to “prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the suspect committed or was complicit in the victim’s murder,” according to a statement from Brusic.

Due to the lack of evidence for the time being, the State has declined to file charges and Santoyo was released on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Brusic added in his statement he looks “forward to additional information that we can use to file in the very near future.”

Sunnyside Police Department is still investigating the case.

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