INFORMATION A PLUS — Mabton City Councilman Arturo “Tootie” De La Fuente learns about impending closures of the bridges across the river from Washington State Department of Transportation Design Engineer Owen Sabong.

MABTON — Motorists will need to travel a detour route to and from Mabton on several dates next month.

Officials with the Washington State Department of Transportation were in town last Thursday, May 16, to answer questions.

The first closure of the two bridges spanning the Yakima River and the wetlands adjacent to the river is planned for June 3.

There will be a series of 10-hour closures, Washington State Department of Transportation Engineer Mark Melton said.

“Multiple bore holes have to be put into six locations, three for each of the two bridges,” he said.

Equipment for doing the work, which is in preparation for the retrofit of the northern bridge across the river and replacement of the southern bridge, has to be moved along the two structures. The retrofit will be the replacement of two hinges and stabilizing the bridge across the river.

The bridges will also be closed June 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 and 20.

“Because they are going underground, it might be quicker or slower,” Melton said of the 10-hour closures, which must take place during the daylight hours for safety.

Construction is expected to start during the spring of 2021 and will last “two construction seasons,” essentially through the summer of 2022, Project Engineer Alex Sanguino said.

The detour route transverses East Euclid Road, north on South Euclid Road, west on Chase Road, north on Hornby Road and west on Grandview Pavement Road to SR-241, also known as Sunnyside-Mabton Road.

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