SAVORY FOOD PREPARATION — Chef Jade Visser is the tireless force behind the small, high quality Jade’s British Girl Treats eatery and catering business in Prosser. She is shown in her kitchen creating British potato and cheese pasties (pronounced past-ee) for a recent catering event.

PROSSER — In a culture where convenience and speed often dictate dining choices, a quality, counter revolution is underway in a historic, renovated church on Grant Street in Prosser.

Chef and chocolatier Jade Visser, along with her husband, Greg Visser, and catering manager Chef Jillian Patterson, have an alternative proposition for local diners: come, sit awhile and enjoy locally sourced food at British Girl Treats.

Known for its comforting and slow dining qualities — British Girl Treats, at its heart, are nourishments which Jade Visser loves and excels in creating.

From hand dipped, specialty chocolates and homemade desserts to full course, small and intimate meals, to a cup of tea coupled with a potato and cheese pastie, lemon bar pastry, cupcakes, cake or a full-scale event.

According to Visser, food should be a slow experience,

“In Europe, food is not a rushed event,” she said.

The Sunnyside resident has been in the throes of creating savory food for decades.

Born in the Sheffield area of England, she attended culinary school there, followed by business school, so both sides of her business could excel.

British Girl Treats recently relocated from Desert Wind Winery in Prosser, to its own location at 1115 Grant Ave.

For the mother of 10, including triplets, life has been a series of challenges and achievements, all hallmarked by her hardened work ethic and vision of food experience excellence.

The restaurant is full of intention and invitation, including outdoor dining. The interior décor boasts small tables on reconditioned wood floors, surrounded by savory take-home goods, including Greg’s hunting mixes.

A catering side of the business is available for gatherings of every size.

The grand opening celebration is scheduled for 4-6 p.m. on Thursday, July 18.

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