GRANDVIEW — Upon entering Camacho Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in the former Boboth Vision Clinic, eyes are drawn to the exposed beams, newly painted gray.

“A lot of former eye patients come in and say they never noticed the beams before and how it’s a big improvement,” new Camacho team member Dr. Edgar Candido illuminates.

After starting his own practice last year, Dr. JR Camacho decided it was time to expand from his two-room facility to the larger five room facility on North Euclid, opening his doors in January. Along with the new location, Camacho brought in a new chiropractor.

“We had really good support, but we needed more parking and room because of the growth so I offered Edgar the job,” explains Camacho. “It was a match made in heaven,” he jokes.

Camacho and Candido have origins in the Yakima Valley, both being graduates of Grandview High School in 2006 and Candido in 2009, respectively.

Camacho was the first to suggest to Candido to study chiropractic and sports medicine at the University of Western States in Portland, Ore. where Camacho himself had gone.

“So, when I graduated school in December, I didn’t know what I was going to do. I always wanted go back home so when JR said he’d like to get a new chiropractor on board, I jumped on that,” Candido expressed.

Having doctorates from the same university, both doctors have similar techniques as a result. They both believe in keeping their treatments diversified and not stick to one treatment plan as “…everyone is different, everyone reacts different. We like to keep a mixed bag with how we treat people,” according to Candido.

The two also share a similar vision. Camacho conveys how the goal of his practice is to cater to the people and do their best to help people.

“We pick up a lot of pro-bono cases here. The demographic we see are a lot of field workers and migrant workers…They don’t have insurance. They come in and they’re in a lot of pain…if they can’t afford it, I do my best to still treat them,” Camacho says, “It’s not about money, it’s about the people we help…the most important person is the person on my table.”

Camacho and Candido also like to provide chiropractic care as an alternative to opioids for pain. The practice provides education to their patients, teaching exercises and how to work on posture.

“We see patients for 15-30 minutes. What they do at home is the most important,” Camacho stressed.

Camacho Chiropractic and Sports Medicine’s Grand Opening is Saturday, March 21 from 12-4 p.m. featuring a DJ, food, and activities on 403 N. Euclid Avenue in Grandview.

Elizabeth Sustaita can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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