SUNNYSIDE — What was once situated in a little building at Tacoma Avenue and South 11th Street is now in its new home.

Chad Thornock has moved his practice to a new building constructed at 2935 Covey Lane.

Thornock has been practicing in Sunnyside since he joined Troy Fodor at the former office in 2007.

“This area gets under your skin in a good way,” he said.

The 1998 Grandview High School graduate said it was Fodor who inspired him to go into chiropractic medicine. Fodor had been his chiropractor after an injury.

About 10 years after the partnership started, Thornock bought out the practice, but Fodor still treats patients.

It was always in Thornock’s plan to construct a new building. “Troy went from having a little house… hanging his shingle to a growing business.”

Knowing the business was outgrowing its location in the center of town, Thornock saw the future of the practice would be a bigger building with treatment rooms that would suit the patients.

“We wanted it to be nice without being ostentacious,” he said, crediting his wife Ashleigh for the interior design.

“It was six months and six days from groundbreaking to moving in,” Thornock said.

Patients treated at the clinic vary from industrial to farming professionals, whom he wanted to be comfortable.

With the business growing and schedule restraints of patients, Thornock said the hours have also expanded to include 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The new location, Thornock said, is also more accessible to people seeking treatment from throughout the Lower Yakima Valley since it is located more closely to Interstate 82.

With a newer office, newer technology has been added. The offices and records rooms are secured and only accessed with special key cards, and a digital x-ray room provides the chiropractors with better images for deciding treatment.

There are five massage rooms and four rooms for adjustments, and Thornock is hoping to add acupuncture to the list of services available at the practice.

“We’re trying to find a quality acupuncturist,” he said.

In addition to Thornock and Fodor, there is a provider who specializes in sports rehabilitation and medicine, Dr. George Tree.

“He’s bilingual, and so is our front office staff, making it easier to treat Spanish speakers,” Thornock said.

Chiropractic medicine, he said, seems straight-forward, but the doctors do more than just treat backs… they are trained to recognize other health issues and direct patients to a healthcare provider.

What Thornock is most excited about, though, “… better hours and flexibility.”

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