GRIZZLY CULTURE — Grizzlies can come for sustenance at the newly named Grizzly Market on the corner of E. Edison Ave. and 16th Street.

SUNNYSIDE — After 25 years of living in Sunnyside, Mohammed Nassar decided it was time to expand his family business ventures by taking over ownership of the East Edison Market on the corner of E. Edison Avenue and South Sixteenth Street, renaming it Grizzly Market.

Pushing open the glass door, the chime alerts Nassar that a customer is entering his store to look for some goodies to take home, and he greets everyone in with a smile.

Owning corner markets is a family endeavor as Nassar also owns the 16th St. Market and his brother owns the 15th St. Market. In fact, it was a family member that put the idea of a potential new name for the East Edison Market.

Nassar’s son had the idea to dub the store “Grizzly Market,” the father explained. The younger Nassar graduated last year and told his father that if he were to ever buy it, to name it after the mascot of the high school the corner sat across from.

Nassar wanted the kids to have a nice, clean space for them to buy their lunch or treats after school. “I want the best for the school,” he enthused.

The Grizzly Market owner and operator explained how much cleaning had been done and how he added a new heated food display case in order to provide the best for his customers.

The man is happy to be of service of the community he has lived in and raised his children in.

“My favorite thing is for my customers to be happy. I try to make the prices cheap and always have specials,” Nassar beamed.

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