Family business revs up classic farm to table menu

FRESH FARM PRODUCE — Christopher Guerra removes a pizza from the 700-degree wood burning oven located in the bed of the family’s 1951 classic Chevy, while crafting a cheetah print style on the crust during the 15th annual Show ‘N Shine All Vehicle Car Show event at Chief Kamiakin Elementary School. “We grew up here, and one of our goals is to try and highlight the farmers in our food,” Christopher Guerra said. “We grow a lot of our own herbs and vegetables – from the farm to the table.”

SUNNYSIDE — Guerra Gourmet and their vintage 1951 Chevy truck rambled their way through the rich farmlands of the Yakima Lower Valley to deliver a fresh produce experience in their wood burning oven faire, as the family served up their popular pizzas during the annual Show ‘N Shine in town a couple weeks ago.

The local business was started by Lino and Hilda, who originally had a pepper farm where they developed their special seasoning to be used in the family’s pico de gallo. It has since become a signature ingredient in all menu items.

“The seasoning with the pico de gallo… it just exploded with the flavors and everything. It’s kind of a more, sweet flavor like a bell pepper with a little hint of natural sun-dried taste and a little bit of sea salt to keep it dry,” Lino described.

The couple’s three sons, former Sunnyside High School alumnus, shared in the excitement and family tradition of taking part as a food vendor in the annual Show ‘N Shine All Vehicle Car Show event at Chief Kamiakin Elementary School.

Reviving the start of their seasonal business, the mobile caterers provided all the ingredients in making about 200 pizzas. All proceeds were donated to the senior graduation party.

“We are using ingredients from Washington. Everything from the flour to the pizza sauce to our own jalapenos, to the salami is from the valley — even the cheese,” exclaimed Christopher who was overseeing the one-minute and 700-degree baking of the pizzas while crafting a cheetah print style on the crust.

Guerra Gourmet, along with their fresh farm menu, is at Bale Breakers Brewery in Yakima on Wednesday and Sunday preparing a variety of specialty foods and sandwiches. They’re also at Domin Vineyards in Zillah on Saturday serving up their unique wood fire pizzas.

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