SIGN IS UP — Noemi Salazar Perez has hung out her Anytime Bail Bonds sign on East Lincoln Avenue, announcing her availability as a bail bond agent in Sunnyside and Yakima County.

SUNNYSIDE — Holding down a full-time job and raising her two sons with her husband should be enough work for any woman. But not for Noemi Salazar Perez, the owner of Anytime Bail Bonds.

As a state licensed bail bond agent, her motto is “Is your loved one in Jail? We can post their bail.”

This line of work is largely handled by men. However, being a bail bonds agent is something Salazar Perez has worked towards since meeting a local bond agent while she was still in high school.

The chance encounter left a huge impression on the 2011 Sunnyside High School graduate. “I saw it as an opportunity for me to build a good life,” she said.

Salazar Perez, 27, researched and wrote her senior project on the need for and life of a bond agent. Although she spent years working other jobs, in health care and retails sales, she also found time to work internships with 24-7 Bail Bonds and DC Bail Bonds in Yakima.

This past week she finally got to open her office although, “…most of my work will be done at the local courts,” she explained.

She is licensed to post bonds in Yakima County in Yakima and Sunnyside courts.

Since Toppenish, Wapato, and Grandview have merged their court with the Sunnyside Municipal Court, “…I don’t have to travel too far.”

As the name implies, Salazar Perez’s company is available 24-7.

“I’m busy this week getting my signs and number out there to promote the business,” she said.

She expects her husband, Oscar, who currently works with Zirkle Fruit Company in Yakima, to eventually join her in the bail bonds business.

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