El Porvenir

TASTY PRESENTATION — Maria Hernandez proudly displays a plate of her famous Al Pastor Tacos, a popular request at her El Porvenir food truck.

SUNNYSIDE — Maria Hernandez, like most girls, learned the secrets to cooking at her mother’s hip.

As a young mother of three children, she cooked for her family and worked in the fields, following the harvest with her husband Jose.

But as she got older, she longed to do something else.

“Besides, I was afraid of snakes in the fields,” the petite woman said.

So, 20 years ago, Hernandez, now 63, purchased her little food truck naming it “Tacos El Porvenir.”

She started feeding field crews, delivering her style of tacos, tortas and quesadillas.

Husband Jose became the master of the trompo rotisserie making Al Pastor (marinated pork) for each of the dishes served from the truck.

Together with their son, Salvador, the couple began expanding their business to local street fairs like the Sunnyside Cinco de Mayo celebration, which “…we worked for many of the past 20 years,” she said.

“We still do street fairs,” said Salvador, “… because Mom wants to, but now we try to stay closer to home.

“She could retire and relax, but she likes doing this,” her son added.

“We also worked the local ‘Taco Wars’ and cater for area weddings, family events,” she grinned, sneaking in a little promotion for her business.

The entire family, even Salvador’s wife, Victoria, help with the little truck at special events.

Inside there is a step stool so Maria and Victoria can see over the window to take orders and cash for the meals cooked inside.

Currently, Tacos El Porvenir food is served frequently at Varietal Beer Company’s beer garden as a part of the beer company’s rotation of independent food truck vendors.

“I think, like their name, we add a little variety,” Maria smiled.

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