Guests, tours and thanks were the order of the day at the Thursday, Sept. 5, celebration at Henningsen Cold Storage Co., of Grandview. The company acknowledged its contributors, shared its successes and provided lunch to its many guests.

GRANDVIEW — Billed as a special meeting for the Port of Sunnyside, the mid-morning get-together celebrated high-tech advancements at Henningsen Cold Storage Co. in Grandview, last Thursday.

The principals of the national cold storage business which opened their location at 98 Stover Rd. in June of 2018, shared milestones, thanked partners, associates and contributors and conducted tours.

Paul Henningsen, company President was on hand and provided remarks following lunch and his guiding a tour of the five million cubic foot C02 cold storage facility.

According to Tony Lucarelli, Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, there is much to be proud of at the Grandview location which employs 11 associates. The construction project moved along very quickly according to Lucarelli.

“It just came together, it was the fastest to come together of all our sites,” Lucarelli noted.

The cold storage unit was also the prototype, the first of its kind in the Henningsen chain, to be built with CO2, rather than ammonia for its coolant.

“CO2 is a natural refrigerant,” said Lucarelli, “It’s very efficient, not as hazardous and is more cost effective.” Grandview’s test run with it, confirmed what the company felt was true, it is the future of their builds.

Bob Lawyer, Henningsen’s regional manager from the Tri-Cities who passed in February 2018, at the age of 52, was honored for his vast contributions to the Grandview project.

Lawyer, according to Lucarelli, was a 23-year employee and a great contributor.

“Bob was a champion, a proponent, very involved, very enthused about the project.” The company honored Lawyer with a plaque presentation to his family. who attended the celebration.

Also, on hand for the day’s events was 4th District U.S. Representative Dan Newhouse, Grandview city officials, the Port of Sunnyside officials, economic development professionals, banking officials and other special guests.

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