GRANDVIEW — Julie Duarte’s recent shopping trip to her local market was an eye-opening experience, full of noticeable improvements.

Returning from vacation, Duarte discovered her favorite grocery store, IGA Grandview Market, 206 N. Euclid Ave. had been completely remodeled, from top to bottom.

“It was a nice change,” she said of the changes to the IGA Grandview Market.

“Everything is so clean. I especially like the checkout counters,” Duarte commended.

“They look so fancy.”

IGA Grandview Market check-out cashier Margarita Gomez, who only recently returned to work at the store, also appreciates the brighter work environment. She formerly worked at the store when it was known El Mercado (The Market).

She also loves her new workstation.

Store owners David Weber and Phil Blackburn, who purchased the store in 2011, oversaw the year-long renovation project, as a part of advancing the growth of this market as well as their three stores, located in Quincy, Cashmere and Okanogan.

Dario Chacon, local store manager since 2011, said customers are very excited about the new improvements.

“I think they are all looking forward to our grand reopening” Chacon remarked, adding a date hasn’t been set yet.

He said the grand reopening date will be announced later.

Front-End Store Manager Connie Gonzalez, who has worked at the store for 19 years, has gone through a lot of changes at the store.

“This store reset is the best one so far,” she concluded.

“The new LED lighting and white walls have done a lot to create a more open and cheerful shopping experience,” she added.

Previously, the El Mercado’s walls were a dark green and red. The neutral color brightens the whole store and even the shopping aisles look wider.

“We have done a lot to declutter the aisles, plus we have new smaller shopping carts” Gonzalez said.

Julia Hart can be reached at 509-837-4500, ext. 123 or at

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