Local businesses egg on community

WHAT A HUNT — Andy Bonzi is setting out “general” eggs for a raffle drawing, and golden eggs for one of three Easter baskets, getting people to visit different locations in Sunnyside.

SUNNYSIDE — Two local businesses are getting people out and around town with Easter egg hunts, good for fun prizes.

Bonzi’s started its hunt this past Monday, April 1, hiding eggs at Centennial Square, and 7 Degrees Floral will begin its egg hunt next Monday, April 8.

“All the eggs have been found,” Andy Bonzi said Tuesday.

Those eggs were turned into the business and the people finding them were entered into a raffle drawing for a hydroflask.

There will be golden eggs hidden in the next few weeks leading up to Easter, Bonzi said.

Those will be instant winners, good for one of three Easter baskets the business has put together.

7 Degrees Floral owner Jaimie Manus is hiding a golden egg in Sunnyside’s downtown, and another will be hidden in Prosser.

The hunt is different from Bonzi’s in that the hollowed golden eggs will contain gift cards “… and, maybe cash.”

Manus said she is still looking for businesses willing to help with the fun hunt, meant to get people into the downtown areas of both communities.

“I’m setting it up as a treasure hunt with hints to be posted on the business’ social media sites,” she said.

Bonzi’s hunt also involves hints and clues posted on social media.

For the ordinary eggs, a photo of a general location will be posted each week, Bonzi said. There will be a riddle for people to solve when seeking each of the three golden eggs.

Manus said she was looking for a way to get people downtown.

“I figured adults don’t get to take part in egg hunts and thought it would be fun to give them a chance to get something they might enjoy,” she said.

Bonzi’s idea was inspired by the success and excitement generated when he had a Christmas scavenger hunt this past December.

“The goal of it was to get people into the store,” he said, noting not everyone is familiar with his new location and the offerings there.

With that venture, photographs of a small detail on a product were posted. People went into the store, looking at products to see if they could identify the detail from the posting. If they found the right item, they could take it home, Bonzi said.

“There was so much excitement, I thought to do something for Easter,” he said, noting taking the hunt outside the store also exposes people to parts of the community.

“I’m all about having fun and embracing the community,” Bonzi said. “The people who take part, having fun… that’s my joy.”

Manus said the egg hunt also gets people outside in the fresh air and exercising.

“I am hoping this leads to what will be a happy Easter for someone,” she said.

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