RIBBON CUTTING — Regional Atomy representatives were present for the grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony this past Sunday at the Atomy Training Center, 422 S. Seventh St. Pictured left to right are Miss Sunnyside Princess Daisy Hernandez, Atomy representative Benjamin Lee, Jane Lee, In Yeob Jung, Mimi Grier, Young Hui-Kwak, Lower Valley representative Frances Salgado, Miss Sunnyside Deida Cortez, Princess Grace Van Belle and Sunnyside Mayor Julia Hart.

SUNNYSIDE — Frances Salgado has launched herself into a new career — promoting and selling a line of organic products developed by the Keir Atomic Energy Research Institute (Kaeri) in South Korea.

Marketed around the world and in the United States as Atomy, its herbal supplement — HemoHim — and toothpaste are among the company’s top sellers, Salgado explained.

“I learned about Atomy from my sister. I had a serious skin condition, and she gave me some Atomy face cream to use. My skin’s healed, and I became a fan of Atomy,” she explained.

Salgado quickly decided it was a product she wanted to share with people, Salgado told those gathered Sunday to celebrate the grand opening of her new store at 422 S. Seventh St.

“I want to have others use these products,” she commented.

While Salgado is a distributor, she trains other how to purchase the products on online.

“There is no middleman in our company,” explained Cany representative Mimi Grier of Seattle.

“Frances is an independent distributor, and her aim is to get more customers,” Grier said.

She and her fellow company distributors from Federal Way, the company’s American headquarters, were at Salgado’s opening to give her support.

“We are here to help her explain how the Atomy line works,” she added.

Atomy products are all herbal-based, using many roots and extracts often found in oriental medicines.

Grier explained Atomy items were originally developed using a NASA-type process to create liquid food supplements. The company has since extended to include other items including fabric softeners and laundry soap.

Julia Hart can be reached at 509-837-4500, ext. 123 or at jhart@sunnysidesun.com

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