YAKIMA — The filing deadline for those seeking office in this year’s election passed on Friday, and the list of candidates has grown.

The primary is Aug. 6, and the general election is Nov. 5.

At stake will be city, school board, port and fire district positions in the Lower Yakima Valley.

In the city of Grandview, Gaylord Brewer (Council Pos. 4) is the only incumbent being challenged — Joseph Jensen who’s sought office via the last election cycle and recent appointments has filed for election.

Appointees Gloria Mendoza (mayor) and council members Diana Jennings (Pos. 3) and David Diaz (Pos. 6) are unchallenged, as are Councilmen Bill Moore (Pos. 5) and Mike Everett (Pos. 7).

Granger Mayor Jose Trevino is being challenged by Julie Sharp; and Councilwoman Maria Gonzalez has two challengers for Pos. 5 — Hilda Guzman and Israel Bustamante Luevano. Councilman Juan Isiordia (Pos. 4) is unchallenged.

Mabton’s three council members up for re-election — Mark Gourneau, Vera Zavala and Arturo “Tootie” De La Fuente — are all without challengers.

Sunnyside’s Councilwoman, and current mayor, Julia Hart (Pos. 5) has two challengers — former council member Mike Farmer and businesswoman Silvia Ramos; Councilman Jim Restucci (Pos. 6) is without a challenger; and Craig Hicks (Council Pos. 7) is being challenged by Betty Lynn Garza and Mike Kennard.

All three members of the Zillah City Council — Douglas Stewart, Janice Gonzales and Beth Husted — have filed for re-election without challengers.

Mabton School District No. 120 has four School Board director positions on the ballot. Incumbents James Adams and Wendy Morrow — elected four years ago — are unchallenged. Anabel De La Torre and Tammy Rehms have filed for positions 3 and 2, respectively.

Grandview School District No. 200 School Board Directors Antonio Sanchez, Elizabeth Alba and Jessica Trevino have all filed for re-election without challengers.

School Board Directors Rocky Simmons, Sandra Linde and Dylan Gardner of Sunnyside School District No. 201 are also without challengers in their bid for re-election.

The same is true for Granger School District No. 204 Directors Dalia Chavez-Isiordia, Paul Golob and Ron Fleming.

Zllah School District No. 205 has two incumbent directors on the ballot without challenge — Sandra Adams and Jeff Brady.

Fire District No. 5 Commissioner David Charvet also submitted his bid for re-election without a challenger.

Two port commissioners — recently appointed Frank Lyall of Grandview and Arnold Martin of Sunnyside — are also unchallenged.

Jennie McGhan can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email JMcGhan@sunnysidesun.com

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