SUNNYSIDE — The City Council gave City Manager Martin Casey an “above average and over-all satisfactory” rating after reviewing his first year as the city’s top administrator.

The council recently completed its evaluation following a Feb. 13 executive session to review Casey’s overall accomplishments.

Monday, Feb. 24, the council again met in an executive meeting to render their report to Casey.

Mayor Francisco Guerrero announced in an open session that the city manager’s evaluation was complete and that “…Mr. Casey received above average and satisfactory rating in all of the areas reviewed by council.”

“We felt his strongest accomplishments were in the financial area. His handling of the budget received over-all approval from council,” Mayor Guerrero remarked.

The mayor said the council had a few areas where they hoped to see more movement in economic development, “However, we understand some of the movement can be slow,” he added.

Casey remarked he was appreciative of the council’s care and diligence in the evaluation process and for the feedback.

“We are always working to keep things in alignment with the council’s priorities and moving forward,” Casey commented.

Council was pleased to receive its 2019 final financial report, given by city Financial Director, Elizabeth Alba.

“You made it easier and we hope to continue on this path,” Guerrero praised.

Casey crediting the stellar work of staff and Alba announced the figures told the story of a great year.

Casey announced that $1,815,403.63 in the general fund is final figure for the 2019 general fund and was “…much better that we had hoped,” he stressed.

Staff was also able to move $165,000 into the city reserve fund, as the council has directed.

There were no changes to the City manager’s current contract. He is paid an annual salary of $130,000.

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