PROSSER — The Benton County Cattlemen’s Association Banquet hosted by the Walter Clore Wine Center Prosser attracted more than 160 people, Saturday evening.

The BCCA uses money from the annual fundraiser to sponsor multiple local agriculture related organizations, youth scholarships livestock shows, and legislative efforts at the state level.

“We are most proud of our ability to support “Agriculture in the Classroom” and contributing to Future Farmers of America and 4H. Kids planning to attend nationals and who present their case to the association usually walk away with some money,” said BCCA Secretary Linda Card.

The BCCA also supports water and property rights, and BCCA lobbyists are worried about several bills currently in the house. One of house bills would make protecting livestock from predators illegal. For example, “If a pack of dogs is killing your calves you won’t be able to protect your livestock. We want to repeal that,” said President Dave Wilson.

Additionally, Wilson says the organization is concerned that there are over 3,000 bills in short legislation, this year, giving legislators only 60 days to deal with the toughest issues before recess.

Many Washington State Representatives attended the banquet, including Benton County District 8 Republican Legislators Sen. Sharon Brown, Rep. Matt Boehnke and Rep. Brad Klippert.

Also present were representatives from Washington State’s 16th Legislative Dist. Rep. Bill Jenkin, and Benton County Commissioner Jerome Delvin, and legislators representing Walla Walla and Ellensburg.

Wilson estimates the event raised just over $3,000, down slightly from last year.

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