GRANDVIEW — At its regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, June 22, Grandview City Council discussed the utilization of social media and how to ensure avoidance of violations of the Open Public Meetings Act (OPMA).

According to OPMA guidelines, “If members of the governing body use social media to host a discussion about issues related to the agency and the discussion includes comments from a majority of the members of the governing body, that discussion could constitute a public meeting under the OPMA.”

Further, OPMA suggested avoiding a virtual meeting as there is no authority under the OPMA regarding what would constitute adequate public notice.

Council largely discussed their desire to avoid conflict of interest and created a policy wherein the City of Grandview can use their Instagram and Facebook page as a public service to provide information regarding city programs, services, projects, issues, events, and activities.

The policy states the use of any and all social media by the City of Grandview must receive prior approval from the Mayor, the City Clerk, or their designees.

It was also made clear that the City of Grandview’s website,, will remain the city’s primary and predominant internet presence and according to the policy,

“Whenever possible, content posted to official City of Grandview social media site will contain the link directing users back to the City’s official website for in-depth information, forms, public documents, or online services necessary to conduct business with the City of Grandview.”

To submit information to the City of Grandview for consideration, email either Mayor Gloria Mendoza at or City Clerk Anita Palacios at

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