BRAND NEW ROLE — Yakima County Commissioner LaDon Linde of Sunnyside is already at work from his office at the County Courthouse, 128 N. Second St. in Yakima. He was sworn in on Thursday, Nov. 12.

SUNNYSIDE — In what he described as a “powerful and moving” experience, LaDon Linde, 59, was sworn in as Yakima County Commissioner District 3 Thursday, Nov 12, with his wife Sandra and his parents in attendance.

“It was exciting and moving experience to swear not only to uphold the Washington State Constitution, but the U.S. Constitution as well,” he expressed.

He didn’t have much time to reflect on the moment as he was quickly put to work by sitting Commissioners Ron Anderson and Vicki Baker.

They have been operating the commission together since the September 15 death of former Commissioner Norm Childress of Grandview due to pancreatic cancer.

Linde was selected as a top candidate by the Yakima County Republican Precinct Committee Officers in October. His name was forwarded to the commissioners for consideration, along with Autumn Torres of Moxee and Jim Restucci of Sunnyside.

On Nov 10, he was named as the commissioners’ choice to join them in conducting the business of administering the county business.

“I was humbled to be chosen and now I’m ready to get to work,” Astria Sunnyside Hospital Medical Staff Director Linde declared.

Noting he is now transitioning from his hospital job to the fulltime commissioner position.

“The hospital’s is working with me to allow to start this new position,” he added.

Linde said he is already attending committee meeting, via Zoom, as well as working on the county’s 2021 budget, while undergoing orientation and training for the work ahead of him.

On top of which Linde is expected to begin campaigning to retain the appointment in the 2021 election. “It’s going to be a busy year,” he chuckled.

Linde believes he brings a wide range of leadership, budgetary, and human resources knowledge to his new position.

The new commissioner pointed out he had been president of the State Dairy Federation and was appointed to service on Gov. Christina Gregoire’s Ag President’s Task Force.

“I was called upon to help with legislative issues when needed while working at the hospital,” Linde expounded.

He also served as bishop of his church for five years and is currently a counselor for the Yakima Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, aiding congregations from Sunnyside to Yakima.

He and his wife, Sandra of 37 years, have six children and 10 grandchildren.

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