CROSSWALK PAINTING — Sunnyside Street Department crew members Pedro Cerda guides the paint cart in a steady manner as he applies a precise layer of white paint onto the Grant Ave. roadway with Juan Guezada assisting in the recoating operations on Wednesday, April 15. The two-person team has been busy repainting street safety markers along Harrison Ave, North Ave. and 16th St.

SUNNYSIDE – Warm spring days are bringing out city street crews in full force to take advantage of reduced city traffic to restripe crosswalks around town during the past several weeks.

Just one scene of normalcy in the city during the current shut down.

The street crew will begin preparations to be repaint traffic lines along South Sixth Street and Yakima Valley Highway and on other major intersections during the coming weeks, Public Works Director Shane Fisher told city council at its April 12 meeting.

“It’s all part of our annual street work and of our larger six-year street plan,” Fisher noted.

While striping crosswalks are being completed in the city, other work also continues.

City Manager Martin Casey announced the negotiations with the city police guild gained City Council approval April 12, following an executive session.

The collective bargaining agreement now goes to the guild for its members to ratify, Casey said.

When accepted, the agreement will give the guild members a three-step cost of living adjustment starting with 3 percent salary increase in the first year, Casey expounded.

The guild agreement net impact on the city budget is expected to be between $35,000 and $40,000. With the completion and expected acceptance of the agreement, Martin said.

He added that agreements with all bargaining groups expected to have a $75,000 impact on the city budget. Casey said the

The first quarter budget amendment will reflect the salary increases.

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