YAKIMA — The local results are in with more than 73.93% of the county’s 127,564 ballots casted returned. While Yakima County voters favored President Donald Trump – who received 52.6 % of the ballots – 45.37 % of the voters supported Vice President Joe Biden.

As of Saturday morning, Nov. 7, the national trend gave Biden 279 Electoral College votes and the biggest popular vote of any presidential candidate in U.S. history at more than 75 million votes.

Trump received 214 Electoral College votes as of Monday.

In addition, the ticket of Biden and Harris sees Kamala Harris as the first African American and Indian American woman to be elected to the office of Vice President in the nation’s history.

In the Congressional Fourth District, race in the Yakima voters chose to return Dan Newhouse to the other Washington for the fourth time, with 61.23% of the votes to securing his lead over Democratic challenger Douglas McKinley’s 38.63 % of Yakima County ballots.

Newhouse in a statement said he was honored to be selected by the “people of Central Washington.” He said his one priority “…must be keeping our communities safe and healthy in the face of the ongoing pandemic as we work to reopen our economy as quickly as possible.”

County voters, however, chose Republican challenger Loren Culp over Governor Jay Inslee, giving Culp 56.1% of the vote and 43.63% to Inslee.

Statewide, Inslee was victorious and will return to Olympia for a third term in January.

Yakima county voted as follows:


Jay Inslee 25,021

Loren Culp 32,173

Lt. Governor:

Denny Heck 22,125

Marko Liias 14,739

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman 35,146

Gael Tarleton 20,985

State Treasurer:

Mike Pellicciotti 23,423

Duane A. Davidson 32,487

State Auditor:

Pat McCarthy 25,577

Chris Leyba 30,201

Attorney General:

Bob Ferguson- 25,289

Matt Larkin 30,933

Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz 24,721

Sue Kuehl Pedersen 31,122

Superintendent of Public Schools

Chris Reykdal 27,410

Maia Espinoza 24,801

Insurance Commission

Mike Kreidler 29,667

Chirayu Avinash Patel 25,188

Legislative District 15 Representative Position 1

Bruce Chandler 15,712

Jack Mcentire 11,414

Legislative District 15 Representative Position 2

Jeremie Dufault 16,065

A.J. Cooper 11,086

Yakima County Commissioner District 1

Amanda McKinney 27,638

Vicki Baker 22,392

Yakima County Commissioner District 2

Ron Anderson 44,802

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