NEW CHALLENGES — Darin Davis examines a pump at the Davis Pump & Electric Motors, Inc. shop on Sunnyside Mabton Road. While it’s been challenging to adjust to working with a larger corporation, Davis believes it was best for the company as it provided the employees a retirement plan and affordable healthcare benefits.

SUNNYSIDE — Locally owned and operated company Davis Pump & Electric Motors, Inc. has recently been acquired by an Oregon based company, Orchard & Vineyard Supply (OVS), on December 18, 2020 – an acquisition that brings multiple benefits to the seven employees that will continue to work at the business.

With offices in McMinnville, Ore., and Yakima, OVS was first a convergence in 2018 between Oregon Irrigation and Wilson Irrigation in Yakima. The combined efforts of OVS brought over 50 years of experience in orchard and vineyard expertise.

According to Director of Channel Marketing Sarah Cooley, “We really have been a leader in the industry covering everything from orchard, vineyard, hops, and growth supplies in general, really focusing on things like trellising, irrigation, agricultural fabrics, we have custom agronomy.”

With the acquisition of Davis Pumps, Cooley believes the homegrown operation is a huge asset to OVS. “Up near Sunnyside and Yakima, that’s a huge spot for us for irrigation. We’re really focusing on that area for cherry orchards, vineyards, and apple orchards.”

Davis Pump & Electric Motors was founded by Truman Davis in 1970 and resides at 2500 Sunnyside Mabton Road. For the last 23 years, brothers Scott and Darin Davis have operated the business. While it has been an adjustment, Darin expressed that the recent acquisition will bring health and retirement benefits to their employees.

“There’s a whole bunch more steps you’ve got to go through,” he said of working for a larger corporation. “Besides that, I think everything’s going to be fine. It’s going to be better for our employees in the long run.”

The Davis Pump & Electric Motors name and their employees will remain the same, bringing their customers the same quality assurances and the same family-like care.

Cooley expressed, “We are excited for the new year, driving excellence, with our expanding team.”

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