PANCAKE AWAKENING — Evelyn Sanchez of Grandview playfully greets her great-grandpa Rueben Rodriguez during Denny’s first day of business on Monday, Jan. 13.

SUNNYSIDE – The much-anticipated Denny’s restaurant opened its doors to hungry customers of all ages on Monday, Jan. 13.

Martin Sanchez of Grandview, along with his 18-month old daughter Evelyn enjoyed their hearty breakfast together.

“I brought the only other person who could compete with me eating,” Sanchez exclaimed after the two finished their pancake feast.

“They were pretty good. We’ll definitely be back again,” he added.

Evelyn’s dad said she went to town on the pancakes and finished all her hash browns.

Sanchez decided to try something different and the two gave the eatery, 9220 Covey Lane, a shot. “…it’s something different in the valley.”

On their way out with leftovers in hand, they ran into Evelyn’s great-grandparents Aurora and Rueben Rodriguez of Grandview, who were on their way in.

The couple wanted to be at Denny’s earlier, but Rueben misplaced the keys to the car, Aurora disclosed.

“Luckily we had a spare key, or we wouldn’t be here,” Rueben acknowledged. “I had one in my pocket,” Aurora confirmed as Melissa Waddle of Prosser poured coffee into her mug at the table.

Rueben was able to make amends for their late arrival when he remembered that the happy couple have been married for more than 50-years. “We were married in 1964, 55 years,” Aurora candidly recalled.

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