Flowers embody the vibrancy of life: they are inherently essential to humankind - their intrinsic beauty attracts attention and inspires a compassionate-giving nature.

Berenice Espinoza recognizes the symbolic qualities flowers personify and embraces their significance to everyday life. She fashions their natural beauty to convey meaningful expressions of words designed to impart a faithful source of reliance and beauty in a life of constant change.

Her passion matched with the vision for creating personal floral arrangements with colorful vibrance and individual elegance has empowered the artisan to establish Diamond Flowers, a brand-new business in the heart of downtown Sunnyside, 614 Decatur Ave.

“You can always gift a flower and it creates a beautiful smile. Because it doesn’t have to be a birthday or anniversary. Any moment, any time is always a great time to gift a flower,” Espinoza stated, while she crafted a Mother’s Day box of roses inside her shop.

Diamond Flowers grand opening is planned for Saturday, May 1. Store hours will be by appointment only for the present time. Espinoza can be contacted 509-305-9098 and Instagram @diamond_flowers91.

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, she moved to the lower valley in 2009. The calling for starting her own business was instilled by her parents, who owned a small grocery store, she said.

Most of her family is in California with a maternal grandfather in Toppenish, along with a couple of uncles in Wapato. Her father and sisters reside in Mexico, she acknowledged.

Following her arrival to the area, Espinoza started working in the fields and later in the warehouse environment, prior to performing full-time household cleaning services of contractors at Wycoff Farms.

The Sunnyside mother of three has been creating flower arrangements for the past two years, balancing family, work, and her career aspirations to better herself and provide for her children.

Espinoza’s allure to the floral design profession was introduced by Yuridia Arteaga, a friend in Las Vegas who owns a flower business. She encouraged the budding entrepreneur to try it and utilize her creativity for fashionable style.

Espinoza discovered she really enjoyed working with flowers and soon realized her passion for producing personalized arrangements made a visible difference in the meaningful moments of her client’s lives.

The business name, ‘Diamond Flowers’ describes the feeling of simple elegance with an appealing touch for extraordinary style.

“One time I made an arrangement with blue roses and the client asked for diamond accents. The blue roses looked so beautiful with the diamonds. It really added a special touch,” she reminisced.

Customers will ask her for a certain arrangement that has been created by someone else or from a picture, which she also advises them on how to add a distinguishing touch to make the design unique.

Espinoza appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with clients and contributing her talents in making a positive difference in their daily lives.

“I am able to personalize each order to the customer’s liking. I can add wording to the box covers or lights too,” she energetically explained. The businesswoman makes her own vinyl stickers with specific wording to apply to box lids.

The floral professional has added eternal flowers to her design shop inventory. “I see the eternal roses and just think, wow!” They are specially treated and processed for color, and can last up to two years, she happily informed.

When asked what her favorite flower was, Espinoza flashed a smile and replied, “I love all flowers!” The arrangement designer mused, “I work with all types of flowers. I can’t pick just one. But if I had to choose: yellow roses! Red roses are beautiful but too common, so I always like something a little bit different.”

Patrick Shelby can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 110 or email

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