MABTON—Artz-Fox Elementary School has released its fourth quarter Principal’s List for students earning all 4s and Honor Roll for students earning all threes and fours.

On the Principal’s List are the following students:

Third graders Benjamin Godinez and Alondra Sanchez and fifth grader Alyssa Castilleja.

On the Honor Roll, by grade are:

First grade: Zaiyrah Ambriz-Sanchez, Davian Amezcua, Cristal Acevedo Miranda, Antonio I. Garcia, Gael Lopez, Avani Luna, Kimberly Trujillo Gonzalez and Lilly Villa;

Second grade: Analeah Ambriz, Jayson Castilleja, Alejandro Garcia-Rodriguez, Mia Gomez, Milania Gonzalez and Brando; Marroquín;

Third grade Yoselyn Bautista, Aiden Cervantes, Rafael Fonseca, Emily Gonzalez, Bryanna Hernandez, Evelyn Hernandez, John C. Lupercio, Brian Meza-Reyna, Arianna Reyna, Amber Velasquez

Fourth Grade: Jasmin Armenta, Evelyn Avila, Damien Calixto, Bella Cervantes, Jazmine Diaz, Diego Espinoza, Camilo “Tony” Figueroa, Elisa Flores, Natalie Fuentes, Gilberto Herrera Ramirez, Eduardo Garcia, Zaira Gomez-Vargas, Jocelyn Mendoza, Ismael Rivera-Casique, Tori Ross, Anthony Torres, Yarithzi Vasquez, Briseida Velasquez and Jacqueline Zamudio;

Fifth grade: Darwin Campos, Jared Lopez Macias, Griselda G. Meraz Munguía;

Sixth grade: Lisa Arellano, Vicente Barrios, Marco Espinoza, Sandy Godínez, Abril Guevara, Aisha Magaña, Zeyli Reyna, Jonah Salinas and Kole Villa.

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