Chief Kamiakin Elementary School December Students of the Month

DECEMBER STUDENTS NAMED — Chief Kamiakin Elementary School December Students of the Month are (from left to right) front row: Jayden McKenzie, Emiliano Salcedo, Lailah Rodarte, Athan Rivera, Javier Gonzalez, Emily Gutierrez, Eric Banda, Kaelah Chavez, Yaslyn Figueroa, Liam Hernandez-Toralba, Davien Lopez, Brennan McCracken and Ivan Torres Puga; second row: Eric Perez Cervantes, Roman Acosta, Ramiro Sandoval, Alyson Hernandez, Miguel Navarette, Alondra Garcia, Joshua Wiederspohn, Aaliyah Madrigal, Aneesa Sanchez,  Jack Morrow, Christian Pimentel, Mariah Rendon, Estrella Alvarez, Makayla Aguirre; third row: William Romero, Kalynn Palomarez, Marlene Fernandez, Andres Rios, Bryan Casio, Fernanda Rodriguez, Lili Munoz, Marco Mendoza, Michelle Perez, Javier Garza, Jay White, Nikkita DeLara, Ramon Magana, Michael Gonzalez and Kimberly Lugo; fourth row: Juliette Humphreys, L.J. Cardenas, Alexander Velasco, Miranda Cardoza, Samira Rivera, Sergio Cruz, Addey Sanchez, Briana Perez, Alvaro Jimenez, Angelina Aguilar, Evelyn Lopez-Diaz, Luis Valencia-Acevedo, Emiliano Correa, Deandre Osorio, Israel Valencia, Brooklyn Acosta and Santiago Salgado Bahena; back row: Angelita Valencia, Isaak Hernandez, Jesus Campos, Esmeralda Armenta, Kaiden Torres, Amalia Mendez Brito, Kassidy Gonzalez, Deacon Weets and Uriel Iniguez.

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