Chief Kamiakin Elementary School January Students of the Month

JANUARY STUDENTS NAMED — Chief Kamiakin Elementary School January Students of the Month are (from left to right) front row: Estrella Lopez, D.J. Pacheco, Nico Chavez, Aaliyah Navarro, Andres DelaCruz, Mihail Arteaga, Keilly Munoz, Lailee Saldana, Jayleen Farias, Angel Macias, Kaylee Rodriguez and Jayden Ramirez-Rowell; second row: Lizbeth Banda, Juan Aguirre Galeana, Mikah Medelez, Ariana Sanchez, Leonardo Olea, Breiellen Lopez-Camacho, Elijah Mohr, Annelise Gonzalez, Kevin Gomez, Jaylin Michel, Sergio Cruz, Deandre Osorio and Abigail Hernandez; third row: Eduardo Perez, Dayana Arellano, Oscar Montes, Xathian Castro, Yzabella Fernandez, Erick Sanchez-Contreras, Jonatan Mejia, Emersyn McCracken, Ingrid Quirarte, Marley Lopez, Aariaha Cruz and Stace Schlosser; fourth row: Yasmin Ceja-Fajardo, Noah Gonzalez, Monique Frausto, Brooklynn Gutierrez, Miley Jimenez, Ana Vega, Audriana Avila, Gian Marcos Campos, Celeste Garcia, Aidyn Owsley, Jhonnie Soriano and Jorge Mendoza; back row: Dalilah Torres, Jennavicia Herrera, Emily Gallardo, Noah Hernandez, Jose Sanchez-Rivera, Julyssa Tobias, Alejandro Benitez, Uriel De la Cruz, Mareli Olivera, Grecia Mendez, Ethan Lopez and Andrea Armenta, Jennifer Banda. Not pictured: Jerry Madrigal and Aydnn Carranza.

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