Chief Kamiakin May Students of the Month

STUDENTS NAMED - Chief Kamiakin May Students of the Month are, front row from left to right: Abigail Lapierre, Roman Acosta, Allisson Velazquez, Alayna Sotelo, Aydeen Ramos, Aubrey Isquierdo, Benjamin Torres, Bella Acedo, Savannah Wise, Ismael Navarette, Christian Magana Flores, Emiliano Correa, Daysi Olivera, Roselyn Martinez and Lilly Martin; second row: Auriah Cruz, Jose Cortez, Isaiah Prieto, Mercedes Fernandez, Lisandro Cruz, Angel Ramos, Ricardo Hernandez, Ethan Lopez, Edson Diaz, Marisol Noriega, Khloe Chavez Paniagua, Nancy Acosta and Eduardo Valenzuela; third row: Noah Wise, Aksel Curfman, Andre Palomarez Rodriguez, Isela Silva, Adela Aguilar, Jamilet Rodriguez, Lexi Riojas, Tiffany Collette, Alyzey Cardenas, Kaiden Lively, Jaycie Medelez Montelongo, Mia Matt and Jordyn Sieckman; back row: Alexander Carmona, Anali Pineda, Fernando Macias, Benjamin LaPierre, Luis Mendoza, Lucas Bojorquez, Daira Gaucin, Destiny Hernandez, Luis Acedo, Flor Maciel Navarro, Yamilah Lopez and Daisy DeLaCruz.

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