NEED FOR DIGITAL DEVICES — The devices seen from September’s Harrison Middle School science class are projected to be deployed to students who are in need of a device to begin distance learning.

SUNNYSIDE — School doors may be closed but that does not mean that employees of the school have stopped working.

Sunnyside School District has been planning on deploying digital devices, such as Google Chromebook laptops, to begin distance learning for the week of April 13.

Director of Communications Jessica Morgan elaborated “We’re identifying parents who don’t have access to internet. We’re working on plans right now to try and help parents figure out ways to connect to the internet. We’ll have more information on that next week.”

Morgan acknowledged that this week (April 6-10) is the planned spring break and that the lunch program the school district has provided will still be in effect.

The communications director explained that the lunch pick-ups locations have been updated and are available on the Sunnyside School District website, removing Harrison and Sun Valley from pick-up locations to get more hands-on deck for the other locations.

For those worrying about their Seniors graduating on time, Morgan quelled those anxieties by stating Seniors can still graduate provided they complete the minimum required classes.

Seniors will need to complete 12th grade English, Civics, World Problems or World Issues, and their Senior Capstone (Senior project).

“Students who have enrolled for those classes this trimester will be working on them with their teachers to finish them,” Morgan expanded.

She also emphasized, “Students that have been taking classes not on grade level, for example World History, which is a Junior level class, have been working on Apex which is an online system to finish up those classes.”

Elizabeth Sustaita can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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