CHENEY — The EWU Dean’s List is released after every fall, winter, and spring quarter. An undergraduate student who earns 12 quality hours and receives a GPA of 3.5 or better is placed on the Dean’s List.

Sunnyside: Maria Alcantar-Gomez, Rosa Benitez, Dallas Borrego, Gerardo Chapina, Ashlee De La Mora, Andrea Diaz, Alexis Estrada, Arcelia Madrigal, Nathon Maltos, Bryce Murphy, Genesis Ornelas, Daisy Palencia, Isaac Palomino, Edgar Perez, Carlos Ramirez, Paola Rodriguez Arroyo, Mariah Saenz, Erika Santiago, Hollie Tate, Christopher Woodworth, Moises Zesati.

Grandview: Jonathan Arguello, Ian Campuzano, Jennifer Castaneda, Ruben Cohetzaltitla, Agustin Cortes, Samuel Perez, Kimberly Regis, Daniela Tello.

Granger: Andrea Padilla, Brandon Velazquez.

Mabton: Maria Armenta, Rochelle Hernandez, Enrique Ortiz.

Prosser: Carla Acosta, Stephanie Castilleja, Jessica Contreras, Karen Cuevas Jimenez, Javier Martinez, Brenda Montano, Daniel Montes, Andrea Orozco-diaz, Kristen Weber.

Toppenish: Esmeralda Aleman, Lucia Castillejo, Mikel Garza, Teresita Rivera, Everardo Silva, Alyne Velasco.

Zillah: Mckenna Burge, Karissa Delp, Marcella Godina, Jonathan Lomeli, Levi Nelson, Beaudry Widner.

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