CLASS LEADERS — Reese Ramos and Monica Macias will be leading the Grandview High School class of 2019 this coming Saturday, serving as co-valedictorians.

GRANDVIEW — This coming Saturday, the Grandview High School class of 2019 will be celebrated as it marches into Rich Leenhouts Stadium one last time.

Lauding the past and speaking to their fellow graduates from atop the dais will be co-valedictorians Monica Macias and Reece Ramos.

The pair are graduating with a 4.0 grade point average.

Ramos, the son of Irma and Rick Ramos, has plans to attend Whitworth University.

Although not yet certain which Bachelor degree program he will be in, the long term goal is to enter a law degree program so he can be a defense attorney.

Macias will attend University of Washington to pursue a Bachelor of Science in biology.

The daughter of Maria and Fermin Macias, she wants to enter the medical field. Currently, she dreams of being a pediatrician but said she’s not certain if that will be her chosen career.

“Having looked into the field (of law), I feel it’s important to provide people with a second chance in life,” Ramos said, relating why he’s chosen his specialty.

He’s known people who’ve experienced hardships, made the wrong decisions and struggled to overcome their circumstances.

“I want to make a difference in helping people overcome those situations,” Ramos said.

Macias enjoys the scientific aspect of the medical field.

“Doctors have a great role in the lives of people,” she said, noting her experiences with her own pediatrician led her to believe it would be a role suited to her.

Both Macias and Ramos have been active leaders throughout their high school careers.

Ramos is a three-sport athlete, playing football, basketball and competing in track. He hopes to be a track athlete in college.

He’s also a member of DECA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and National Honor Society.

Macias is also a DECA and National Honor Society member. She’s played tennis and is a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as well as Hounds Have Heart.

Grandview’s graduation ceremony is at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

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