Dorothy Cullen

PASSING THE TORCH — Longtime Outlook School reunion coordinator Dorothy Cullen is hoping to pass the duties of organizing the 63rd annual Outlook School reunion to a new interested volunteer.

OUTLOOK — Her roots run deep in the Van Belle Road school community.

Dorothy (Lowry) Cullen’s parents graduated from the Outlook High School.

She attended the Outlook School, as did her children and her grandchildren.

For the past 50 years, “at least,” she has been actively organizing the annual school reunion which “…is always held the first Saturday in August.”

This year the reunion will fall on Saturday, Aug. 3, at Outlook Elementary School, which bears no resemblance to the two-story school built in 1901.

“We’ve always had a potluck dinner at 1 p.m., but everyone comes early to visit and look through the old scrapbooks and newspaper clippings,” Cullen explained.

Now, with some regret, Cullen, who is nearly 90, is stepping back as the reunion coordinator.

“I’m looking for a replacement,” she said. “I fear all this history will be lost, if someone doesn’t step forward to carry on the event.”

Invitations are mailed to all past high school graduates and anyone who has ever attended little country school.

“The last high school graduation was held in 1934,” Cullen reminisced.

Outlook Elementary School became a part of the Sunnyside School District about that time.

Despite several fires, and multiple remodels and construction, it continues to serve area children and their families.

Those interested in helping to preserve the Outlook School history and its reunion are asked to call Cullen at 509-837-4526.

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