Prevention Club awards honor cords to seniors

Pictured are Sunnyside High School graduates, from left to right, Giselle Marquez, Carlos Pacheco, Diego Benitez, William Shelley, Erick Vergara-Barrios, are Valeria Cortez.

This year’s 2020-2021 school year is just about to end! The SHS Prevention Club had an end of the year BBQ last Wednesday, June 2, to celebrate the club’s hard work over the last school year.

Class of 2021 seniors Diego Benitez, Carlos Pacheco, William Shelley, Valeria Cortez, Giselle Marquez, and Erick Vergara Barrios were awarded with Prevention Club honor cords this year for their hard work throughout the pandemic.

With the stress of multiple zoom meetings, failing internet connections, adjusting to hybrid classes, and finally getting a little bit of normalcy towards the end of this school year, these students worked hard and showed so much resilience with all these adversities thrown at them. They kept working hard and continued to look for new ways to reach out to their peers and the community. We can’t wait to see what Prevention Club will accomplish next year!

There will be opportunities over the summer for both high school and middle school students. If you would like more information on the SHS Prevention Club, the prevention clubs at the middle schools over this summer, or would like more information on volunteering opportunities, please reach out to the Sunnyside United-Unidos office at 509-837-9629 or email

Nellie Padilla, MSW, is a Student Assistance Specialist and Prevention Club Advisor at Sunnyside High School.

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