GRANGER — Having one’s accomplishments listed before a crowd of people can be a little uncomfortable.

If it was uncomfortable for Isamar Solorio or Alvoso Campos to be named the Granger Chamber of Commerce’s 2019 Chamber Outstanding Young Woman and Man, they didn’t let on.

Solorio and Campos accepted their awards with grace and confidence, showing why both were selected for the community honors.

“I thank the community for nominating me for this honor,” said Solorio, who gave credit to her parents for teaching her the value of hard work.

Campos also thanked those who nominated him for the honor.

“It is a pleasure to be standing here, accepting the award,” he said.

Both young people were nominated because of their example and leadership among their peers, and dedication to both school and community, their high school principal Mike Carlson announced.

Both have displayed leadership through their volunteerism.

Campos is the current Associated Student Body president, is a class leader, and reads the school bulletin every day, Carlson said.

Campos has also served as chapter president for FFA, and is a recognized “…champion for others,” Carlson added.

Solorio is heavily involved in community activities at her church, the Granger Menudo Festival, setting it up as El Dia de Campesino, holiday wrapping at Radio KDNA and hosting blood drives at school.

“She is currently planning a third blood drive this spring,” Carlson told the banquet crowd.

Campos and Solorio are both honor roll students. Both are involved in athletics… she as a track, basketball and volleyball player, and Campos was active as the football team manager.

Solorio is entertaining college invitations from Wenatchee Community College, Central Washington University and Washington State University.

Campos plans to attend WSU, with an interest in studying forensics and society.

Solorio plans to pursue interests in math education and architecture.

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