Sun Valley Elementary School June Students of the Month

JUNE STANDOUTS - Sun Valley Elementary School June Students of the Month are, front row, from left; Kevin Mendoza, Michael England, Victor Nunez, Fatima Iniguez, Jayden Herrera-Vargas and Jaiden Madrigal; second row: Anita Solis, Payton Ruiz, Genesis Baron, Rafael Bustamante, Desmond Garcia, Camila Ventura-Gonzalez and Sophia Brit; third row: Aliyah Martinez-Salgado, Robert Rivera, Geselle Corona, Daniel Guzman, Jorge Romero-Olivares, Noah Burgueno and Daniel Perez; fourth row: Mia Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Jayla Vega, Julian Roman, Joshua Sarabia, Izaiah Gonzalez, Joanna Galvan, Romy Cirilo-Valle, Mario Cerda-Rodriguez and Austin Alegria; fifth row: Brielle Manzo, Iker Villanueva-Estrada, Jeremiah Gonzalez, Eduardo Escareno-Valencia, Itzel Escareno-Valencia, Danielle Mason, Jayden Gonyier and Jared Bello-Valencia; back row: Sky Bibriesca, Albert Vazquez-Chavez, Milan Aguilar-Arroyo, Hector Savalza-Alvarez, Aurora Ormberg, Carlos Duran-Ayala, Izaya Uribe and Edwin Diaz-Hernandez. Not pictured is Noah Montelongo.

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