Sun Valley Elementary School March Students of the Month

MARCH STUDENTS NAMED — Sun Valley Elementary School March Students of the Month are (from left to right) front row: Jaylyn Valdovinos-Sanchez, Daysi Sendejas, Mercury Morris, Kendra Licea, Mia Carmona and Kamryn Gutierrez; second row: Mariana Vazquez-Carrasco, Shaila Zapata, Case Kukes, Perla Orduno, MaryJane Osorio, Yareli Gomez-Rivera, Aide Rodriguez, Alice Canseco, Belen Alcantar and Natalie Torres-Diaz; third row: Omar Arreola, Zavien Arce, Samantha Leon-Casas, Dastan Villa, Perla Garcia-Bernardino, Dylan Padilla-Cordova, Jesse Fierro, Sophia Contreras and Caiden Guevara-Diaz; fourth row: Jose Benitez-De Aquino, Jayden Fernandez-Bravo, Victor Serrano, Martin Arias-Lopez, Brandon Paredes, Isaiah Estrada, Deleyza Barajas-Turley, Brayden McDonald, Esai Castro and Aaron Trujillo; back row: Omar Suarez-Torres, Jaidace Orozco, Jose Anguiano, Saphirrah Johnson-Phillips, Juana Miguel, Saul Sanchez-Longoria, Victor Arroyo, Angel Balderas-Alvarado, Liam Ramirez and Angel Vargas-Sanchez. Not pictured: Dulce Sanchez-Larios.

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