Sun Valley Elementary School’s May Students of the Month

Sun Valley Elementary School’s May Students of the Month are from left to right, front row: Mayah Sanchez, Mathew Saldana, Evelyn Condie, Valeria Garcia and Margarita Acevedo-Sanchez; second row: Nathan Del Real, Lizzy Diaz-Bravo, Oliver Hernandez-Hernandez, Cianni Montes, Rylie Rangel, Leyma Francisco Juan, Dylan Vera Cebrera and Felix Gutierrez; third row: Leonel Fernandez, Leonardo Saucedo, Jerry Officer, Enrick Cardoza-Ramirez, Brailyn Palomarez, Jayden Torres, Isaac Alvarez and Elianah Salseda-Martinez; fourth row: Geselle Sanchez, Samantha Hernandez, Adrian Almaguer, Samantha Haines, Romeo Allen-Labra, Jocelyn Farias-Martinez, Mia Roman and Jesus Paniagua; fifth row: Jayceon Cruz, Elizabeth Negrete-Granados, Amaya Saucedo, Bryson Francis, Tarrence Yelder, Eduardo Gonzalez, Julien Garcia and Allison Salazar; back row: Breanna Sandoval, Ricardo Espindola, Izzik Longoria, Layla Yelder, Victoria Barajas, Jonathan Ramos-Martinez and Janelle Navarro. Not pictured is Adilene Felix-Aguilar.

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