Sun Valley Elementary School

Sun Valley Elementary School December Students of the Month are, front row, from left to right: Evelyn White, Payton Soto, Yazaira Medina-Mora, Aleah Perez and Esteban Diaz-Acevedo; second row: Dais Neri-Guereca, Leyla Bradshaw-Robles, Austin Gomez-Hernandez, Winnie Wu, Aria Nunez and Emily Gomez-Vazquez; third row: Adrian Cuevas, Adrian Michel-Cambron, Jaihaira Garcia-Mota, Karim Rivera-Castillo, Angelique Ramos-Acala, Daniel Banda-Lopez and Isaiah Orozco; fourth row: Jeremiah Cuellar, Yvonne Jimenez-Banda, Vicente Carrasco, Suehaeily Razo, Sheila Castaneda, Beyonce Navarro-Lara, Ulices Velador-Renteria, Ximena Delgado-Lua and Jaylah Hernandez; fifth row: Isaiah Garcia, Emilio Penafiel-Posada, Two Wolves Ohms, Landon Rodriguez, Elena Gamboa, Ezekiel Casillas, Leslie Velazquez-Farias and Aven Galvez; back row: Jasper Garcia, Emely Correa-Hernandez, Jose Magana, Seth Sanchez, Royce Guevara, Ray Hernandez and Jose Garcia-Blanc. Not pictured is Destiny Abundiz.

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