Sunnyside Christian High School held their Class of 2021 graduation ceremony as 250 family members and friends honored the eight seniors at Sunnyside Christian Reform Church on Friday, June 4.

The co-valedictorians were Jenna Andringa and Sydney Banks.

“They were extremely accountable in the classroom and I would say for the most part, a fairly high motivational level to do well but because they were that type of group, they were pretty close knit. They did things together, which was important to them,” SCHS Principal Dean Wagenaar described.

Each senior was bestowed a gold chord for their academic excellence in attaining an accumulative grade point average over 3.0. The scholastic achievement was a first in the school’s history, according to the proud principle who’s led 20 commencements.

“Most of these kids I’ve talked to on a daily basis. And when you teach them in biblical classes, it’s really hard for them to get lost, there’s only eight,” Wagenaar fondly mused.

Jenna Andringa

In the next few months Jenna will work, invest time in the gym, and enjoy time here before she leaves for college. Next fall, Jenna intends to attend Dordt University to pursue a degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine and play basketball for the Lady Defenders. The most favorite recollections for Jenna were participating in athletics each year and hanging out with friends.

Sydney Banks

This fall Sydney plans to attend Seattle Pacific University; however, before school begins, Sydney hopes to hang out with friends and family. Two vivid memories planted squarely in Sydney’s heart were:

One, participating in all sports and two, the senior Class Trip.

MacKenzie Evans

MacKenzie fondly recalled experiencing the times spent at retreat, pulling all-nighters and playing games until 4 a.m. She also valued the memories of Nate being dragged at a pep rally on a sleeping bag by Malachai when Malachai totally wiped out.

This summer, MacKenzie intends to join the swim team, participate in Miss Sunnyside parades, and spend time with friends; next year’s plan is to attend Heritage University and study Pre-Med.

Tyler Groeneweg

This summer Tyler will work and hang out with friends. In the fall, he will attend South Dakota State University in Brookings to pursue a degree in Animal Science. Tyler’s favorite recollections are winning the State Basketball Championship during his sophomore year and winning the Eastside State Baseball Championship this spring.

Moises Jimenez

Over the course of this summer, Moises intends to work and have fun. At the end of the summer, he would like to attend a trade school and train to become an electrician.

Two memories cherished are “hearing his alarm waking him up every morning to come to school and the fun experiences on the class trips.

Nathan Moore

Late this summer, the Lord willing, Nate will attend Dordt University in northwest Iowa. Before school starts, he will work for Mr. Sylling and hang out with friends.

After reflecting, Nate’s best memories are placing third in baseball and being a team member on the team that won the State Basketball Championship his sophomore year.

Miguel Tlatenchi

Miguel’s most cherished moments include: The time when the pep band played a song for his birthday and there was cake, and the 2021 spring drama production.

In September Miguel will attend Central Washington University to pursue a Computer Science degree. However, before then, Miguel plans to work.

Alan Van Beek

Shortly after graduation, Alan, along with his family, will move to Michigan. This fall he will attend Calvin University.

What does Alan cherish the most about the past years? All of his involvement in drama and study hall his junior year in the library with Nate and Mrs. Haak.

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