TSA kids earn second trip to Nationals

TSA winners — Sunnyside middle school winners at the State TSA contest include front, left to right: Angel Gonzalez, Brian Lopez, Calvin Copenhaver and Anthony Ventura; second row: Joaquin Garibay, Sarah Raihl, Harry Raihl and Kristin McCardle; back row: Fabian Macias, Cain Rodriguez, Patrick Wise and Anna Quintero.

SEATAC — Harrison and Sierra Vista Middle School Technology Student Association teams made a great showing at the Washington State Technology competition held during spring break March 28-30, at Doubletree SeaTac, announced team advisor Darla Van Corbach.

The teams earned enough points to move on to Nationals to be held in Washington, D.C.,” she said, adding this is the second time for some of the team members to qualify for Nationals.

Last year, Joaquin Garibay, Patrick Wise, Anthony Ventura and Anna Quintero advanced to the National TSA contest held in Atlanta, Ga.

This year, the technology students competed in 36 middle school competitions.

Wise competed in six events and Garibay competed in five, earning second place in three of the contests – Stem, Systems Control and Tech Bowl.

“The days were long,” said Wise, who took many breaks to sleep, but there were some extracurricular activities.

“It was fun,” Wise added of the three-day event.

“We were the readiest of our team, we woke up extremely early, because some of the competition started at 7:30 a.m. with the latest ending about 8 p.m.,” Wise explained.

Winners and categories are as follows:

Inventions and Innovations

First place: team Anna Quintero, Sarah Raihl, Harry Raihl and Kristin McCardle.

Systems Control

First place: team Calvin Copenhaver, Brian Lopez, and Cain Rodriguez. Second place: team Anthony Ventura, Patrick Wise and Joaquin Garibay.

Tech Bowl

Second place: team Anthony Ventura, Patrick Wise and Joaquin Garibay.

STEM animation

Second place: team Fabian Macias, Angel Gonzales, Patrick Wise and Joaquin Garibay. Sixth place: team Anna Quintero, Kristin McCardle and Harry Raihl.


Fourth place: Anna Quintero and Kristin McCardle. Tenth place: Alex Ramirez and Fatima Estrada.

Med tech

Fifth place: team Anna Quintero, Sarah Raihl, Kristin McCardle and Harry Raihl.

Career Prep

Eighth place: Sarah Raihl.


Seventh place: Patrick Wise and Joaquin Garibay.


Eighth place: Veronica Gonzalez and Angel Gonzalez.

Essays on Technology

Sixth place: Anna Quintero. Tenth place: Veronica Gonzalez.


Eighth place: Veronica Gonzalez. Ninth place: Bryan Vigil. Tenth place: Fatima Estrada.

Video game design

HMS ninth place: Patrick Wise, Fabian Macias, Joaquin Garibay and Angel Gonzalez. SV tenth place: Cain Rodriguez, Calvin Copenhaver and Brian Lopez.

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