Washington Elementary School January Students of the Month

Washington Elementary School January Students of the Month are front row, from left to right, first grade: Jesus Vega, Jaylah Verduzco, Yashin Samaniego-Huaire, Josiah Garibaldo, Mercury Morris, Caden Stamschror, Gabriela Valenzuela, Jocelyn Nunez, Danielle Mason, Benito Blanco, Esmmy Montoya, Schuyler Kelsey, Martha Hernandez-Osorio. Not pictured: Josue Maceda and George Villalobos; second row, second grade: Brian Hernandez-Casas, Alana Mason, Adrian Martinez, Diego Ambriz, Alani Cervantes, Kimberly Gonzalez, Edison Garcia, Emilio Ochoa, Maria Lopez-Pacheco, Nathalie Navarro, Zennyah Perez, Gabriel Madera, Eden Martinez. Not pictured: Jazlynn Cerda; third row, third grade: Steve Trujano, Jesse Pacheco, Mackenna Chambers, Gizelle Cerda, Ivana Silve-Baltazar, Kaiden Smith, Adamaris Jaime, Zoey Rodriguez, Emily Mendez, Izayah Padilla and Darlene Lopez; fourth row, fourth grade: Alex Navarro, Isaiel Reyes, Hailey Rodriguez, Yadira Mendoza, Andrea Garcia, Lesly Valencia and Santiago Madrigal; back row, fifth grade: Rubi Adame, Ava Alvarado, Megan Alvarez, Kaylia Maltos, Karmyn Espinoza-Carrazco, Sheyla Hernandez, Ariana Hernandez, Cain Lopez, Brandon Arcos-Ambrula, Raymond Probasco, Francisco Barriora, Angel Gomez, Samantha Serna and Emiliano Aceves. Not pictured: Edgar Lopez.

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