Gary Martin to build 28 new homes

Retired dentist Gary Martin has developed an 8-acre parcel of land off Swan Road for new housing which he hopes will attract people looking for family-size homes with a view to move to Sunnyside.

SUNNYSIDE — Retired dentist Gary Martin has held off on developing a piece of property near Swan Road for many years.

Now, thanks to the city Planning Commission’s recommendation that the council consider approving his Cherrywood Hill Plat, he is ready to begin building “better grade” homes on the former cherry orchard land. Martin’s preliminary plat now has 28 lots on the approximately 8.78-acre parcel.

When it came to a vote at the Sept. 28 council meeting, Councilman Den Broersma said “let’s get this project moving” a statement on council agreed unanimously.

“I’ve been working on the project since 2018,” Martin noted.

“I’m really happy the council gave its approval and now we can turn over the project to the realtor to begin selling lots and letting people pick the model homes they desire,” Martin said.

The parcels will be located off Swan Road on newly created city streets – Pax Court and Ivy Court, names chosen in memory of his parents, Martin explained.

“They were both Sunnyside teachers and I wanted to honor their memories,” he revealed.

The new homes will have nice views to the west and north.

“The lots are all laid out, the necessary water, sewer and electrical services are in place,” he said. “Just waiting for people to choose where their future homes will be located.”

Selling of the lots will be through the Caldwell Bankers

“I’ve always thought that there had was a real need for nice homes in Sunnyside and that people would move here if those houses existed,” he stated.

“We’ve already received tremendous interest in the new lots,” Martin noted, adding the area will have a HOA (Homeowners Agreement).

“We’re still working on the final details on that document,” Martin added.

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