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YAKIMA COUNTY — The Yakima Council Election office will continue to be a hub of activity through the week, based on last minute ballot returns.

The county received 22.83% or 6,759 ballots by Monday, Nov. 4, but that number has almost doubled since.

In Sunnyside, Craig Hicks City Councilman, Position 7, responding to a query on priorities for the upcoming tenure, if the trend continues to point to his reelection, discussed priorities, “If or when I'm re-elected I will continue to keep working on the budget, work on trying to get more new business into town. We need to take a firm look at housing as it is very limited. I will do my best to follow what the town has asked of its elected officials.”

Mike Farmer, who is leading the Sunnyside City Council Position 5 race, declined to make a formal response until the election is certified Dec. 5.

Election counts are updated online each day at 3:30 p.m. by following this address:

Ballot update for Thursday, Nov. 8, which is the last update before paper deadline, due to Veterans’ Day holiday, is as follows:

Total number of registered voters: 119,173

Total number of ballots counted: 30,993

Total number of estimated ballots remaining to be counted: 9,000

Legislative District 13, Representative, Position 2

Alex Ybarra 644 81.01%

Steve Verhey 151 18.99%

Grandview Mayor

Gloria Mendoza 399 95%

Write-Ins: 21 5%

Grandview Council Position 3

Diana R. Jennings 416 97.88%

Write-Ins: 9 2.12%

Grandview City Council Posi-tion 4

Gaylord Brewer 305 60.88%

Joseph Jensen 194 38.72%

Write-Ins: 2 0.4

Grandview Council Position 5

Bill Moore 437 99.54%

Write-Ins: 2 0.58%

Grandview Council Position 6

David Diaz 424 98.52%

Write-Ins: 8 1.85%

Grandview Council Position 7

Mike Everett 392 98.15%

Write-Ins: 14 3.45%

Mayor of Granger

Jose Trevino 106 54.36%

Julie Sharp 87 44.62%

Write-Ins: 2 1.03%

Granger City Council Position 4

Juan G. Isiordia 155 96.88%

Write-Ins 5 3.12%

Granger City Council Position 5

Hilda Guzman 105 53.03%

Israel Bustamante Luevano 93 46.97%

Mabton City Council Position 3

Mark Gourneau 61 78.21

Write-Ins: 17 21.79

Mabton City Council Position 4

Vera Zavala 70 86.42

Write-Ins: 11 13.58%

Mabton City Council Position 5

Arturo De La Fuente 76 90.48%

Write-Ins: 8 9.52%

Sunnyside City Council Position 6

James Restucci 687 95.28%

Write-Ins: 34 4.72%

Sunnyside City Council Position 5

Mike Farmer 458 50.5%

Julia Hart 447 49.28%

Write-Ins: 2 0.22%

Sunnyside City Council Position 7

Betty Lynn Garza 386 43.57%

Craig Hicks 496 55.98%

Write-Ins 4 0.45%

Deb Brumley can be contacted at 509-837-4500, ext. 114 or email

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