OFFICER SCHOOL BOUND — Sunnyside Fire Department’s Acting Fire Captain Mickey Gillie will be headed to Maryland in October to attend the first of a series of the U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Academy’s Managing Officers training sessions.

SUNNYSIDE — Acting Fire Captain Mickey Gillie was thrilled to learn he will be headed to Maryland in October to attend the U.S. Fire Administration National Fire Academy’s Managing Officer program.

He had been working on being accepted to the program for months, a goal that seemed more urgent after earning his bachelor’s degree in fire administration.

Gillie was encouraged by Fire Chief Ken Anderson to apply for this program.

“It’s only been around for about six years, and it is getting harder to be accepted,” he added.

In his acceptance letter, Gillie was told that there were many qualified applicants and a limited number of slots.

He received word July 1 that he had been accepted to the courses at the National Emergency Training Center in Emmitsburg, Md. He noted former Sunnyside Fire Chief Aaron Markham attended while on the Sunnyside force.

“I have to tell you, I could have done a couple back flips, I was so excited (to be selected),” an enthused Gillie exclaimed.

“I’m really proud of him,” Anderson said, who also recommended Gillie for the program.

“We are working to create a professional model at our station, and this is how we begin,” Anderson acknowledged.

The program involves online classes in addition to the two 16-day sessions in Maryland.

“I’ll be focused on writing a capstone project about health and safety, which we will be able apply to our department,” Gillie added.

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