2019 Golden Apple of the Year

The 2019 Golden Apple of the Year recipients are , from left to right, Mary Fernandez, Anne Concienne, Ubaldo Pena, Greg Kirk, Alejandra Ramos, Patti Griffith, Greg Stroh, Adolph Mueller, Nicole Rounce, and Miquel Puente.

SUNNYSIDE — Receiving a Golden Apple was both “humbling and flattering” said Miguel Puente, this year’s Sunnyside School District Administrator of the Year.

For the third year in a row, Sunnyside School District Golden Apple Award winners have been cheered on by their peers at the district’s “Welcome Back” ceremonies.

Puente, who is starting his fourth year as assistant principal at Outlook Elementary School, said receiving his Golden Apple was a proud moment.

“It was an honor and flattering for me to be nominated. It shows we are doing the right work in our building,” he remarked.

At the Aug. 27 school opening ceremonies, Golden Apple nominees are honored for their dedication to the education of the children who attend the district education program.

Nominated by their peers and voted on by last year’s award winners, “…the apples signify the excellence work of the staff in the district,” explained School Superintendent Kevin McKay.

The welcome back ceremonies are the only time district staff are together, where award winners can be congratulated by all their peers,” McKay added.

In addition to Puente, the 2019 golden apples were as follows:

Para Educator of the Year is Mary Fernandez who works with fifth graders at Washington Elementary.

Specialist of the Year goes to Anne Concienne, who is a nurse at Sunnyside High School.

Office Staff Member of the Year honors were presented to Ubaldo Pena who works as the ASB and Athletics Secretary at the high school.

Longtime music teacher at Harrison Middle School -Gregory Kirk was presented his Golden Apple as Middle School Teacher of the Year.

Alejandra Ramos was selected Support Staff Member of the year for her work as a Migrant Support Specialist at Sunnyside High School.

Middle School Extracurricular Staff Member of the Year honors went to longtime soft ball coach Patti Griffith. She is also the Harrison Middle School volleyball and coach.

High School Extracurricular Staff Member of the Year is Greg Stroh who is a Sunnyside High School fast pitch and football coach.

Elementary Teacher of the Year recognition was presented to Adolf Muller, a third-grade educator at Pioneer Elementary School. He took his baby son to the ceremony.

High School Teacher of the Year was presented to Nicole Rounce, a US History and Civics teacher at the high school.

“Recognition of the winners by their peers is a terrific thing,” McKay commented. “This is a good tradition.” he added.

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