SUNNYSIDE — Benton County

Assessor – Bill Spencer, R-Richland

Benton, Franklin Superior Court, Judge Position No. 5 – Sam Swanberg of Kennewick

Auditor – Brenda Chilton, R-West Richland

Clerk – Josie Delvin, R-Richland

Commissioner No. 2 – Shon Small, R-Prosser; Lori Sanders, R-Kennewick

Coroner – William Leach, R-Richland

Prosecuting Attorney – Andy Miller, K-Kennewick

Public Utility District, Commissioner Position No. 3 – Tyson Fellman and Barry Bush, both of Kennewick.

Sheriff – Jerry Hatcher, R-Kennewick

Treasurer – Ken Spencer, R-Kennewick

Yakima County

Assessor – Dave Cook, R-Yakima

Auditor – Charles Ross, R-Naches

Clerk – Tracey Slagle, R-Naches

Commissioner District No. 3 – Summer Derry, R-Zillah; Lisa A. Homer, R-Yakima; Norm Childress, R-Grandview; Stephen Changala, R-Yakima

Coroner – Jack B. Hawkins, R-Yakima; James “Jim” Curtice, R-Yakima; Dan Williams, R-Yakima.

District Court Judge Position No. 1 – Kevin M. Roy of Selah

District Court Judge Position No. 2 – Brian Sanderson of Yakima

District Court Judge Position No. 3 – Donald W. Engle of Sunnyside

District Court Judge Position No. 4 – Alfred G. Schweppe of Yakima

Prosecuting Attorney – Joseph A. Brusic, R-Yakima

Sheriff – Dave Simmons, R-Yakima

Treasurer – Ilene Thomson, R-Yakima

Washington State

Legislative District No. 8, Senate – Sharon Raye Brown, R-Kennewick; Ryan Cooper, Liberterian-Kennewick; Matthew J. Bishop, R-Kennewick.

Legislative District No. 8, Representative No. 1 – Phillip R. Lemley, R-Richland; Brad Klipper, R-Kennewick

Legislative District No. 8, Representative No. 2 – Greg McConnell, R-Kennewick; Matt Boenke, R-Kennewick

Legislative District No. 15, Senate – Jim Honeyford, R-Sunnyside; Bengie Aguilar, D-Sunnyside

Legislative District No. 15, Representative No. 1 – Bruce Chandler, R-Zillah; Jack McEntire, D-Selah

Legislative District No. 15, Representative No. 2 – Jeremie Dufault, R-Selah; David V. Taylor, R-Moxee; A.J. Cooper, D-Selah

Legislative District No. 16, Representative No. 1 – Bill Jenkin, R-Prosser

Legislative District No. 16, Representative No. 2 – Skyler Rude, R-Walla Walla

Supreme Court

Justice Position No. 2 -- Susan Owens of Tumwater

Justice Position No. 8 – Steve Gonzalez of Seattle

Justice Position No. 9 – Sheryl Gordon McCloud of Seattle

United States

Congressional District No. 4 – Dan Newhouse, R-Sunnyside; Christine Brown, D-Kennewick

Senate – Sam Wright, Human Rights Party-Olympia; Mike Luke, Libertarian-Lynnwood; Clint R. Tannehill, D-Seattle; Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Republican; Charlie R. Jackson, I-Anacortes; Jon Butler, I-Edgewood; Mohammed Said, D-Ephrata; Don L. Rivers, D-Seattle; Keith Swank, R-Puyallup; Dave Bryant, R-Bonney Lake; Ron Higgins, R-West Richland; R.C. Smith, R-Vancouver; GoodSpaceGuy, R-Seattle; and Matthew D. Heines, R-Redmond.

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